Driving in Rhodes Island is a good idea given the fact that all areas can be accessed by car and is the most economy way of traveling in the Island.

Even if you were to rely on public buses and taxies, they are expensive (Especially the taxies). By arranging Cheap Rhodes Car Hire, you will save not just money, but sometimes travel time too.

Need to know essentials

Driving licenses:
foreign drivers should possess an International Driving Permit, but national licenses printed in English are often accepted.

Driving Rules:
Which side does Rhodes Island drive on:
In Rhodes Greece you drive on the right and overtake on the left, and yield right of way to vehicles approaching from the right, except where otherwise indicated.

Speed limits in Rhodes Island:
In Rhodes, the top speed limit is 80km/hour (50 mph) on the two major highways, Rhodes/Lindos and Rhodes/Kalithea.
In built-up areas, you drive at 50km/hour (30 mph), while on provincial roads, all vehicles must not exceed the 80km/hour (50 mph) speed limit.

Alcohol limits: 0
Driving age: 18 years (21 years if you wish to arrange car rental).

Seat belts: Are compulsory in both front and back seats at all times.

Mobile phones and GPS:
Using a mobile phone while behind the wheel in Rhodes Island is prohibited, whether it involves making a call, accessing the internet or sending a text message. Being in the passenger seat and supervising a learner driver while using a mobile is also an offense. GPS, referred to as Sat Nav in the Rhodes Island, can be used.

Cost of fuel in Rhodes Island:
Unleaded petrol and diesel prices in Island, average price per litter: Unleaded 1.48 euro – Diesel 1.15 euro

Fuel payment:
Petrol stations accept cash but credit and debit cards can be used too.

Traffic and parking in the Rhodes Island:
Parking a car,
Finding an empty parking bay is a continuous challenge in Rhodes City. A parking area is indicated by a blue road sign, with a white “P” on it. The sign posts in Rhodes carry directions in both English and Greek, and once you have parked your vehicle in Rhodes City, you have to purchase a ticket from the nearest automated machine. The cost is 1,50euro per hour, Monday to Saturday.
In order to avoid frustration, GeorgeCars team can help you find the best free parking areas in Rhodes City.
All the other island except Rhodes Town is full of free parking areas.

Rhodes Island travel tips:
Due to its history and world-famous culture, the Rhodes Island is among the most popular destinations in the world for tourists. Given its small size, it’s possible to enjoy all areas of the island on the same holiday without having to spend days on the road or being exhausted.

Rhodes Island weather and tourist seasons:
Rhodes weather: The climate of Rhodes is a mild Mediterranean climate characterized by sunny and dry summers and mild winters.
Refreshing breezes and winds are blowing during the months of July and August, making the temperatures more bearable.