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Terms and Insurance

Terms and Insurance

Please find some useful information regarding Rates – Payment & Collecting Procedure:

1. Included in your car hire cost:

  • Collision Damage Waiver
  • Full Damage Waiver (excess- detectible 0.00) Zero risk option included in price
  • Insurance for Wheels – Underneath part – Windowpanes
  • Driver & Passenger Insurance
  • Fire Insurance (excess – detectible 0.00)
  • Theft Protection Coverage (excess – detectible 0.00)
  • No hidden charges
  • Pick Up – Drop off, all over the Island
  • Replacement of car in case of car damage or accident.
  • All taxes (VAT & local taxes)
  • 24/7 road assistance
  • Unlimited kilometers /mileage
  • Road map of Rhodes Island
  • Baby Seat (available on request)

2. Repeater Customers: Privileges

Our Repeater Customers enjoy a 5% discount on the online prices. Contact us to receive a coupon!

3. Payment Procedure

To confirm the rental booking you need to pay a deposit of 20% of the total amount on line. The balance is to be redeemed upon picking-up your rented car in Rhodes Island.

4. Methods of Payment

1st Method: Visa Card, MasterCard , Visa Electron , Maestro (Debit Card).

100% secure payment method by card follow the link to connect to the ALPHA BANK on-line payment site and benefit from the SSL security system

2nd Method: By PAYPAL

5. Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy.
In principle, we accept any cancellation, free of charge.
However, if you cancel less than a week before your booking date, a fee of 20% of the total rental price will be charged.

Earlier ended.
After the car and rental agreement celectied, no refunds will be given for earlier ended.

Thank you for your understand!

6. Minimum Rental Period for bookings On-line (minimum number on days you can book online through our website)

Available bookings online for:

  • 3 days minimum: available if you select pick-up and drop-off at our premises in Pefkos, Lardos, Lothiarika – Kamari Beach Hotel & Princess Andriana Resort & Spa

*Different Location: Combination of pickup location different from the drop off location for less than 3 days is extra 40.


Also available for pick-ups and drop-offs at any hotel facility – villa – accommodation in the Lindos – Lardos – Kalathos -Kiotari area (free delivery)

  • 6 days minimum: if you select accommodation all over the island, on premises within considerable distance in the southern Rhodes area
  • 6 days minimum: if you prefer to benefit from free delivery at the Airport.

7. Minimum Rental Period if you book direct from George Cars Offices

1 day minimum car hire

George Cars offices:
1. Office in Lardos Village(Lothiarika Area)

2. Office at Kamari Beach Hotel Lobby in Lardos – Island of Rhodes

3. Office at Princess Andriana Resort & Spa Lobby in Kiotari – Rhodes

4. Staff at Rhodes Airport area 24/7 for your best service

8. Available Pick-up/Drop-Off Areas

A. Rhodes Airport:
We can deliver the car for you at Rhodes – Diagoras International Airport (collection & return ) at any time you like, for minimum car hire rental period of 6 days (at no extra cost).

Airport Pick-up/Drop-Off Details: You can meet George Cars Representative at Rhodes Airport and sign your contract there.

All day arrivals between 07:00am early morning untill 23:00pm late at night are free of charge collection.

Late arrivals between 23:00pm midnight and 07:00am morning have extra charge 20.00 euros for collection for George Cars representative at the airport.

Late departures between 23:00pm midnight and 07:00am morning have extra charge 7.00 euros for drop-off the vehicle in the private parking of the airport.

B. Hotel – Villas – Houses (available times for rented car collection and return)
We can deliver the rental car for you at any hotel –villa –any accommodation you desire.

Collection and Return times available to Hotels-Villa-Houses:

  • if your hotel is close to our offices – for example in the areas of Lindos – Pefkos – Lardos – Kiotari – Gennadi : Delivery as from 10:30 a.m. on the first day – Return by 21:00 p.m. on the last day of rental.
  • if your hotel is far from our offices – for example, in the City of Rhodes or Ixia: Delivery as from 21:30 p.m. night time – Return by 21:00 p.m. on the last day of rental.

9. Ferry use to other Island

Use of ferry is forbidden and is considered as negligent that voids any insurance.

10. Driver’s information

Rental Age:
The minimum rental age is 19 years for car group A-B-C and 23 years for all the other car groups.
The maximum rental age is 75 years.

11. License Requirements

For your car rental procedure we need a valid Driving License issued at least one year before the date of the rental.

12. Complementary charges

Additional Driver
The cost is included in the on-line prices

Baby / Child Seat Booster
Baby Seat or Booster seat is available on request
(Customers must mention the age of baby in the notes field)

Roof Racks
Not available

GPS Navigation
Available at an extra cost of 5.00 Euro per day.
We feel, however, that there should be little need of a GPS as Rhodes Island is so easy to explore

Fuel Policy
Your renting car is delivered to you with some petrol, you have to return back the car with the same level of petrol otherwise any difference will be charged

Fines & Penalties
Please bear in mind that you shall be liable for redemption of whatever penalties (illegal parking, speed-limit violations ea.) the traffic police of the Island of Rhodes may impute with respect to the rented car you are driving, throughout the car rental term of your contract.

13. Insurance Policy

Collision Damage Waiver
Under the collision damage waiver, it is the insurance company that will provide cover for damage to the rented vehicle. This insurance is included in your car hire total price

Theft Protection Coverage
The Theft Waiver insurance is included in your car rental – no excess applie

Full Damage Waiver
The Theft Waiver insurance is included in your car rental – no excess applie
It is valid only if a police report is submitted.
Full Damage Waiver excess – deductible 0.00 included in the car rental prices

Full Damage Waiver excess 0.00 covers all vehicles but the makes quoted below:

VW Taigo (excess 400.00 euro)
Toyota CH-R Hybrid (excess 400.00 euro)
VW Caddy Maxi 7 seat (excess 400.00 euro)
Opel VIvaro 9 seats (excess 600.00 euros)
Peugeot Traveller 9 seats (excess 600.00 euros)
Jeep Renegate (excess 600.00 euros)
Nissan Qashqai (excess 600.00 euros)
VW Beetle Open Top (excess 700.00 euro)
Mini Cooper Open Top (excess 700.00 euro)
VW T-ROC Open Top (excess 700.00 euro)
Audi A3 Open Top (excess 700.00 euro)
Audi A4 2.0 Automatic TDI (excess 750.00 euro)
Ford Ranger (excess 800.00 euros)
Hummer H3 Luxury Automatic (excess 1000.00 euro)
Porsche Boxster S PDK (excess 1500.00 euro)

14. Τyres Ιnsurance

If you have a problem with a tyre (for example, punctured and flat tyres) you need to change it immediately, to avoid irretrievable damage thereof. (Remember that you are fully insured for such instances – you do not pay for it)

In case you keep driving with the punctured and flat tyre far enough for the tyre to be damaged beyond repair, you will be charged for that tyre.

Tyres cost between 50.00 Euro and 100.00 Euro each, depending on the type of car (economy /compact vehicle) you have rented. For luxury cars, the price per tyre varies.

Tyre cost between 100.00 euros and 250.00 Euro depending on the luxury vehicle you drive..

Contact us for any questions.

GeorgeCars Rental Company

Will not be responsible for anyone driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs, driving off road, or driving without care and attention

For any damage or accident to the vehicle, without the presentation of the Police Report, none of these are covering from the Insurance

* On-Line prices may change according to demand without warning!

There is no selected car class in current office. Please choose another Class!